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MadSourcer Spotlight – Julian Placino and “Pathways To Success”

By Anthony Ysasaga

March 1, 2021

This month, MadSourcer would like to shine our spotlight on Julian Placino and his Podcast “Pathways to Success.”  Each month, MadSourcer announces our “Community Leadership Recognition” for a person or business that is making a significant contribution to the community through their time, actions, talents, and dedication.

I want to start by telling you how I met Julian. The first time I met him was over the phone in early 2019; I was actually interviewing for his job at Bottle Rocket. During the interview, I learned a lot about who Julian was and what his desires were for his career path in the upcoming years. What I enjoyed most about our conversation was how dedicated he was to his role and how driven he was to learn and succeed.

It wasn’t even one month later that I launched my business, and Julian was kind enough to set up a lunch for me with a prospective client. It was amazing that someone I barely met would put themselves out there for a new business owner, but that’s Julian. I have so much respect for someone that is willing to take time out of their day to help another human being. It’s something I will never forget and, I will always be grateful for him.


Julian is a Recruiter turned Success Speaker, Show Host, and Media Entrepreneur.

As a Recruiter, Julian has hired hundreds of top performers and helped thousands advance their careers through job placement, career coaching, and training.  

As Host of Pathways to Success on YouTube and iTunes, Julian helps viewers and listeners find their individual Pathway to Success by having conversations that educate, inspire, and transform with the world’s great leaders.

Julian has produced 180+ episodes and has interviewed leaders ranging from CEOs to New York Times Best-Selling authors and professional athletes to TEDx speakers.

His content has generated more than 2 million views across social media platforms.

His livestream episodes inspire listeners, educate the curious, motivate those that need a push, and provide a path to successful transformations in personal and professional lives throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Some of my favorite livestream episodes include “How to Engineer Opportunity & Success,” “Becoming a Media Master,” and “Entrepreneurship & Financial Freedom.”

In each livestream, Julian expresses himself with true sincerity and humility, and I have found him to be a great humanitarian and motivational guru. I love Julian because he has learned his best lessons from failure, and I sincerely believe that only the best people in the world — and throughout history, have failed more than they’ve succeeded. It’s in that failure that you have an opportunity to see your situation honestly and make a critical decision whether or not to face your fears and keep moving forward. That’s where true strength is developed!

Julian has said, “Failure is essential on the Pathway to Success,” and I agree. He’s also uncovered “Patterns of Success,” that our readers should investigate further by reviewing or attending his livestreams every Thursday at 2:00 PM CT. (*Keep an eye out for his upcoming book on “Patterns of Success”) I promise you will walk away saying, “why haven’t I visited “Pathways to Success” sooner?

Julian never quit on his dream, and I’m so glad that he’s dedicated his life to impacting others in such a positive way!

Please visit Julian @ Pathways To Success each Thursday at 2 PM CT or visit him here:





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