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Adaptive Agile

Overview Recruitment is a profession requiring a mix of skills – it’s part HR, part sales, and part marketing. These separate functions all embrace Adaptive Agile Project Management. Progressive organizations that have successful recruiting models have shifted towards Adaptive Agile recruitment. As a recruiter, you have two customers – the organization that’s retained you/internal [...]

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Business Intelligence

Overview Hans Luhn’s 1958 publication for IBM first popularized the importance of Business Intelligence (BI) defining it as “an automatic system…developed to disseminate information to the various sections of any… organization.” However, it was not until this century that the supporting technology to implement his theories became cost-effective to the wider business community. The [...]

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Veteran Hiring

Overview Each year, over 250,000 military retirees and veterans enter the workforce. They have the experience, knowledge, and training that makes them great candidates for a wide range of jobs and occupations. Is your company benefitting from this talent pool? This course will help you understand the steps you need to take to attract [...]

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