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Hans Luhn’s 1958 publication for IBM first popularized the importance of Business Intelligence (BI) defining it as “an automatic system…developed to disseminate information to the various sections of any… organization.” However, it was not until this century that the supporting technology to implement his theories became cost-effective to the wider business community. The success of BI platforms in recent years has witnessed a rise in industry-specific platforms which, “provides recruitment-specific analytics, business intelligence, reporting, and gamification to help recruitment companies increase revenue, scale efficiently, improve data quality, and motivate teams.”

Specifically, the functions that can help your recruitment practices include:

Identifying key drivers of success

  • Managing your recruiters more effectively to create a uniform culture
  • Enabling real-time data-driven decision making throughout the entire company
  • Demonstrating your success metrics to a client
  • Identifying business intelligence sites and data that will help you uncover hidden talent

Course Details

Business Intelligence Master Class, Cutting-Edge Sourcing Techniques and Strategies

In this age of information technology, the internet provides access to people and information like no other time in history. The abundance of information and data also comes with challenges when attempting to navigate this sea of knowledge. To have success identifying the right candidates, recruiters and sourcers must have efficient strategies and excellent sourcing skills. Success only comes through modeling out strategies for sourcing and pipeline tracking.

Here are some quick stats from a recent SourceCon article:

  • 62% of recruiting and HR leaders say sourcing is the most important aspect of their talent function.
  • 55% say sourcing is their biggest challenge.
  • 80% of passive candidates are open to new opportunities.

Madsourcer Academy provides instruction and real-life scenarios to recruiters and sourcers involving the latest search techniques, advanced sourcing methodologies and tools as well as candidate engagement strategies that get the results that matter. Our online classes will cover topics on how to utilize resources to develop good candidates on websites like Facebook, Twitter, user groups, Github, Stack Overflow, Bing, Exalead, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, Meetup, blogs, associations, patents, conference attendees, and more. We will also provide details on effective X-Ray sites and Chrome Extensions to use in conjunction with your online applications such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, GitHub and more. We will also provide information on other topics such as candidate messaging, telephone sourcing, cold calling, candidate engagement, screening questions, sizzle pitches, candidate control, hiring manager interactions, and interview questions that are legal to ask candidates.

This class is for new sourcers as well as experienced recruiters:

We will provide instructions and guidance on how to further develop your sourcing capabilities as well as bringing new ideas and strategies to your organization. We will provide details on how to uncover passive talent through new channels, networks, and skill-specific organizations. You will be able to significantly increase recruiting results and boost your individual recruiting/sourcing credibility significantly.

Agile in Talent Acquisition

Much has been gained in the fields of software product development and project management with the introduction of Agile, which has increased efficiency and reduced time to market. Using Adaptive Agile in talent acquisition is not just about increasing efficiency, but also about hiring the best talent for the highest priority roles that add the most value to the company, and in many cases, generating more revenue through increased productivity.

Adaptive Agile encourages breaking work down into valuable pieces rather than delivering everything at once. Here are the benefits of learned adaptive agile project management that we can bring to your company:

  • Increase speed and efficiency
  • Enhance the quality of an organization’s talent pool
  • Reduce wasted cost and resources
  • Decrease cycle time
  • Increase predictability
  • Prioritize to deliver the highest value first
  • Improve the experience of candidates and hiring managers

Infusing Adaptive Agile into an organization’s talent acquisition and recruiting functions needs to be coupled with an assessment of skills and a review of the preexisting perceptions and expectations of the business. As Adaptive Agile was being developed, we infused the importance of focusing on key skills and business partnerships to create a solution that enables teams to focus efforts on the highest priority work, while taking the necessary time to meet and discuss adjustments and improvements to make for the next cycle.

Price Details

The course is $995.00 and the certification is valid for two years.

The course curriculum includes:

  • Recruiting and Sourcing Life Cycle
  • Developing a Talent Sourcing Checklist
  • Creating a Strategy for Recruitment and Sourcing
  • Evaluating and Utilizing Effective Recruiting Tools, Applicant Tracking Systems, Software, Spreadsheets, Microsoft Office Products such as Microsoft Teams and One Note and other vital tools necessary for efficiency
  • Search Engine Optimization Tools and Techniques
  • Increasing Productivity and Placements
  • Boolean Strings vs. AI
  • Strategically Sourcing on LinkedIn
  • Effective People and Email Searches
  • Step-by-Step Methods to Source Social Networking Sites
  • Effective Diversity Sourcing
  • Company, Competitor and Tech Stack Searches
  • Reduce Wasted Cost and Resources
  • Decrease Cycle Time
  • Increase Predictability
  • Creating Valuable Data and Reporting
Enroll in Course for $195/2years
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