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Best Tools To Help You Track Down a Candidate’s Contact Information

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When it comes to recruiting, finding the right candidate profile isn’t the hard part. The real hard part is getting in touch with that person! However, it doesn’t have to be, and is probably much easier than you think. If you utilize the right tools and know where to look, you will be able on your way to a more meaningful and successful approach, that doesn’t have to begin with “I’d like to connect with you on LinkedIn”.

Below are the top 5 tools I use regularly to best locate prospective candidate email and phone contact information.

1. Kendo

Kendo looks for all email addresses associated with a user. Unlike other email finders, it will find business and personal email addresses as well.

2. HireTual

Another chrome extension, HireTual is something I just recently started using. It does a lot outside of just finding an email, but one of it’s primary uses I find most valuable is the ability to locate a candidate’s email. Much like the others, I have mentioned, the free version also comes with a limited amount of uses. The other functions of HireTual are: Boolean builder, similar compensation, likely fit, expertise, and peer ranking (compared to similar LinkedIn profiles). Another joy of this tool is that it also comes with a web-based dashboard that collects the profiles of people you search via the tool. When you are logged in and go to the Hiretual website you will find all the data of the candidates you searched for through the application.

3. Lusha

The Lusha chrome extension will find both personal emails as well as phone numbers. It scours the web to pickup anywhere this persons email and or phone number is located. It is important to note that Lusha only allows 10 free uses per month (however for a price you can upgrade this option) and the free uses are shared between organizations. So, for example, if someone else from your company uses a company email address to sign up for Lusha, you are both sharing the 10 (imagine when an organization of 50 signs up?)

4. Contact Out

Contact Out scours the web for personal emails as well as social media profiles.

5. Workable

A single search via Workable automatically scans millions of online profiles and multiple trusted data sources in real time. The result is detailed candidate profiles showing email addresses, resumes & more

Honorable Mentions:

And of course, once you have the candidate’s email, you want to make sure you are writing an email worth responding to. Send a poorly written email and all of this work goes to waste.

Happy sourcing and good luck!

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