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Move Your Passive Candidates to Active Opportunities in 6 Steps

Jun 10, 2019  Ryan Leary In just 6 steps, Mike “Batman” Cohen will share how to locate, reach out to, attract, and build a meaningful rapport with Passive Candidates. We all know the best candidates are usually the ones who are still employed and not necessarily looking – the elusive “Passive Candidate.”   Watch Batman in Action [...]

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7 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Recruiters

Jonathan Grana — May 31, 2018 Recruiting top talent is a complex and demanding role. Finding candidates who are an excellent fit for your team isn’t easy. Nor is the entire process of screening, interviewing, and selecting candidates. However, you can make the process far easier and less stressful by using the right Chrome extensions. [...]

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New Tool Alert – Become a LinkedIn Sourcing Machine!

By MICHAEL VROMAN  APRIL 9, 2019 In the words of famous comedian Bret Kreischer, “I am the machine!”, or as he said it in his famous Russian study abroad story – “Я машина!” Machine Sourcer, a new Chrome extension, has taken LinkedIn automation to the next level and will turn you into a LinkedIn sourcing machine! Designed [...]

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The Benefits of Internal Recruiting

The Benefits of Internal Recruiting By Tori Fica•August 28, 2018 Hiring for a new or recently opened position can be a complicated and stressful process. A lot of effort goes into attracting, vetting, interviewing, and ultimately securing a candidate for the job. Even after all that, sometimes you end up with a candidate who isn’t a [...]

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