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JCPenney – Plano

MadSourcer was hired to Analyze Talent Sourcing efforts by the Product Management, Omni Channel and E-Commerce Division. We were hired to create data analytics and reporting for all sourcing initiatives in this Division.

Why Are We The Best?

To empower every recruiter, sourcer, and hiring manager to become more productive, efficient, and knowledgeable.
We are committed to being a world leader in talent acquisition technology, business intelligence, recruiting technology, sourcing media and world class training.
Our promise is to drive efficiency, productivity, and provide recruiting best practices to every recruiter, sourcer, and hiring manager at our client engagements and worldwide.

Rapid Ramp-Up Time

MadSourcer was able to review all sourcing initiatives and marketing campaigns and we were able to develop a Sourcing Strategy Framework that was responsible for increasing response rates from 18% to 42% in one month.

Data Science

MadSourcer, through our data analytics and sourcing strategies, was able to increase individual sourcer performance and individual production! We also increased overall production of the department by double digits. We also were able to increase prospective talent presentations weekly which contributed to an increase of interviews scheduled and candidates hired!


MadSourcer was able to successfully drive candidate pipeline activity producing higher quality candidates, lowering time-to-fills, drive enterprise hiring activity.  We increased pipeline activity by 33% while increasing monthly hires by 20%!!


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